Sommellerie Tasting Workshops

custom made

Enjoy a unique sensory experience through our personalized tasting workshops.

Individual or Business:

A special desire, an event to celebrate, a special moment to share, an unusual gift to offer?

A corporate event to organize, a trendy afterwork event to initiate, a moment of conviviality to finally get together?

Contact me so that together we can imagine a “tailor-made” tasting, a turnkey animated workshop!

At home, in your residence or rental, on your boat, with family or friends, in your business premises or in a room of your choice, don’t worry about anything!

I am organizing a fun and participatory tasting workshop for you. You discover the wines of Provence for around 2 hours where everyone expresses their feelings.

Possibility of offering you games.

Workshops for Professionals

Our professional workshops are designed to enrich your sommelier and wine serving skills.  Choose from sessions at sea, on land or directly at your company for a tailor-made experience.

Workshops for Individuals

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine with our workshops for individuals.  Whether for a special occasion or for the pleasure of learning, our sessions at sea, on land or in business promise moments of sharing.