Sommellerie tasting workshop on land

For individuals

Immerse yourself in the world of wine in an enchanting terrestrial setting.

Our onshore tasting workshops for individuals are an invitation to explore the fascinating world of wine in a comfortable and inspiring setting. Whether in a secret garden, an elegant room or any other location chosen by you, Isabelle Saugeron guides you through a personalized and intimate wine experience. This is the perfect opportunity to deepen your wine knowledge, celebrate special moments, or simply spend a pleasant afternoon with friends or family.

The Experience on Land

Each onshore workshop offers:

Customization of the Workshop

We tailor each workshop to your specific needs.  Whether you want to organize a themed tasting, celebrate an event or simply enjoy a unique wine experience, we are here to make your onshore workshop memorable and tailor-made.




Let's discuss it

Want a unique wine experience on land?  Contact us to arrange your personalized tasting workshop and discover wine in a new and exciting way.