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Sommellerie tasting workshop

Take your skills and those of your teams to the next level.

Gain professionalism and customer satisfaction.

About Isabelle Saugeron

For 25 years, I have explored the richness of the French vineyard, opened three restaurants and specialized in the art of wine service.

Today, I share this passion and this know-how with you through my Professional catering training, whether you are a professional or an amateur.

Professional training

Room and sommelier universe, team management, profitability and accounting



Corporate Sommellerie Tasting Workshops

HCR professionals, in your company, CSE, Professional gift




Sommellerie Tasting Workshops for Individuals

Individuals at sea, on land… unusual gifts!



boost your teams

Whether you are a restaurateur, aspiring sommelier or simply passionate, discover our professional catering training modules adapted to your needs.  From the dining room to the sommelier, from management to profitability, each training is a toolbox for your success.



Professional catering training

Room and sommelier universe

Master the art of hospitality, customer service, and discover the secrets of a successful wine list.



Team management universe

Become an effective leader.  Learn how to train, manage your teams, and set relevant objectives.




Profitability and accounting universe

Optimize the profitability of your establishment, control your margins and understand your balance sheet.