Room and sommelier training

Master the art of hospitality and wine service for an exceptional guest experience.

The art of serving in the dining room and sommelier are much more than just skills: they are passions, arts that require dedication, precision and a deep understanding of the customer’s desires. In this training universe, I take you on a journey through the nuances of hospitality, the subtleties of service and the richness of sommelier. Each module is designed to provide you with comprehensive expertise, allowing you to transform every customer interaction into a memorable moment.

Details of modules

Module 1: Welcome and customer service

Welcome is the first impression, the first contact.  Learn to welcome your customers in a warm and professional manner, to anticipate their needs and to handle delicate situations tactfully and efficiently.



Module 2: Knowing how to compose and offer your wine list

The wine list is much more than a list: it is an invitation to a sensory journey.  Find out how to select wines, present them attractively and advise your customers on perfect pairings.  From composition to presentation, transform your wine list into a true work of art.



Module 3: Cocktails, trendy drinks and signatures

The world of drinks is constantly evolving.  Stay on top of trends with comprehensive training on current cocktails, trending drinks and creating signature drinks that reflect your establishment’s identity.  Learn how to surprise and delight your customers with unique and memorable creations.




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