Team management

Strengthen your leadership skills for efficient and harmonious team management.

Effective management is the keystone of a successful establishment in the catering sector. This training universe is specially designed for professionals seeking to refine their skills in team management, conflict resolution and leadership. With a practical approach and concrete examples, each module aims to transform you into a competent manager, capable of motivating and leading your team towards excellence.

Details of modules

Module 1: Training permit

This module equips you with the tools and techniques necessary to become an effective trainer within your institution.  You will learn to convey your knowledge in an engaging and constructive way, promoting the continued professional development of your team.




Module 2: Knowing how to manage your teams

Discover the key strategies to effectively manage your teams.  This module covers everything from motivating employees to managing diverse personalities to creating a positive and productive work environment.



Module 3: Knowing how to manage complaints

Learn how to handle customer complaints in a professional and constructive manner.  This module teaches you how to turn challenges into opportunities, improving your customer experience and reputation.




Module 4: Knowing how to set and evaluate objectives

Setting and measuring clear goals is crucial to the success of your business.  This module guides you through the process of setting relevant goals, evaluating performance, and adjusting strategies for continuous improvement.





Ready to transform your management style and propel your team to new heights of performance?  Join this training universe and become the leader your team deserves.