Sommellerie tasting workshop at home

For individuals

Transform your space into a haven of discovery and oenological pleasure.

Live the experience of a sommellerie tasting workshop without leaving the comfort of your home. Isabelle Saugeron brings her expertise and passion for wine directly to your home, creating an intimate and personalized atmosphere for you and your guests. Whether for a special evening, a family event or simply to enrich your wine knowledge, these workshops are a unique and friendly way to discover the world of wine.

The Experience At Home

Our workshops at your home offer:

Customization of the Workshop

Each workshop at your home is unique.  We work with you to personalize every aspect of the experience, from the wines selected to the themes covered, ensuring the workshop reflects your tastes and those of your guests.  This is the opportunity to create a truly tailor-made and memorable event.



Let's discuss it

Ready to bring the art of sommelier into your home?  Contact us to schedule a sommelier tasting workshop at your home, and get ready for an unforgettable wine experience.