Corporate sommelier tasting workshop

For business

Integrate the art of sommelier at the heart of your professional environment.

Bring a touch of originality and refinement to your business with our sommelier tasting workshops. Perfect for team events, professional training or corporate celebrations, these workshops transform your workspace into a place of learning and fun around wine. Under the expert guidance of Isabelle Saugeron, each session is an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of wine, while promoting cohesion and team spirit.

Advantages of the Corporate Workshop

Choosing a company workshop means benefiting from:

Customization and Flexibility

Our in-house workshops are fully customizable to fit your needs and your schedule.  Whether for a short session during lunch break or a more elaborate event after work hours, we adapt to create an experience that is perfectly integrated into your company culture.



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Ready to offer a unique and enriching experience to your team?  Contact us to plan a sommelier tasting workshop that fits perfectly into the life of your business.