Sommellerie tasting workshop on land

For business

A sophisticated tasting experience to enrich your corporate events.

Our onshore tasting workshops for businesses are the perfect solution to add a touch of elegance and knowledge to your professional events. Whether for team training, a client event or a corporate celebration, these sessions offer immersion in the world of wine in a setting that is both sophisticated and welcoming. Guided by the expertise of Isabelle Saugeron, participants will explore the nuances and aromas of the chosen wines, while sharing a friendly moment.

Advantages of the Land Workshop

Opting for a workshop on land means choosing:

Experience Details

Each onshore workshop is fully customizable to align with the goals and theme of your corporate event.  From the wine selection to the ambiance of the room, we ensure that every detail contributes to a memorable and meaningful experience for all participants.




Let's discuss it

Interested in a unique tasting experience for your next corporate event?  Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an onshore workshop that will leave a lasting impression.